Placing an Order, Billing & Payment Information

Placing an Order, Billing & Payment Information 

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Why am I receiving multiple tracking numbers?
Items ordered from Wildly Untamed may ship from separate facilities. Depending on the type of items in your order, you may receive multiple tracking numbers for your separate shipments.

How is shipping cost calculated?
Shipping cost will be determined by the quantity of items ordered, weight of items ordered, and shipping address. Items ordered from Wildly Untamed may ship from separate facilities and shipping cost will be calculated according to the amount of shipments necessary for your order.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. Orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.

How will I know that my order has been confirmed?
You will be taken to an order confirmation page and an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address that has been provided with the order. We do ask that you please check your spam mail, as it is possible that the email may end up there.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?
Once your order has been shipped, a tracking confirmation email will be sent to the email address that has been provided with the order. This email will contain your tracking number — please use your tracking number to track your package and ensure proper delivery.

Can I cancel my order?
Our first priority is to ensure that your items are shipped in a timely manner. When an order is placed with WildlyUntamedBoutique.com and all of the billing and shipping information has been verified, the order is immediately transmitted for processing. For this reason, we are unable to modify or cancel your order once it has been submitted.

Can I add or remove an item after my order is placed?
We are unable to modify your order after it has been placed.

Can I change my address?
We strive to ship your order as quickly as possible; once your order is transmitted for processing, we are unable to change your address.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my shipping method?
Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade the shipping method once an order is placed.

What forms of payment does WildlyUntamedBoutique.com accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or American Express, and PayPal. You may also use check cards or debit cards, as long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above. We do not accept personal checks, money orders, or cash.

With PayPal you make purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial information. You can choose to pay for your WildlyUntamedBoutique.com purchase using your PayPal account instead of your credit card or check/ATM card. Click here to visit PayPal for more information.

If the card that you are using requires a pin while you are making the purchase, the order will not be accepted.

Why is my order not going through?
Please check that all of your billing information matches that of your credit card billing information. Also, if there is a middle initial on your card, it will need to be included on your billing information.

I placed an order, but I still haven't received it yet. Where is my order?
While placing the order, were you taken to a final confirmation page and provided with an order number? Did you receive an order confirmation email? Have you checked your spam mail for our emails? And have you received an email with tracking information? If you were not taken to a final confirmation page, have not received any email confirmations or tracking updates, your order most likely did not go through.

Please note – Wildly Untamed does not ship all items from its own warehouse, therefore, shipping times may vary depending on product and or vendor.

Why was my credit/debit card charged multiple times?
If you pay for your order with a credit/debit card, your account may show two entries at the same time, an authorization and the final sale. The authorization hold will fall off within 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday excluding holidays), depending on your bank's policies. This hold allows us to verify that funds are available, so that we can begin processing your order. Unfortunately, with a debit card, the pre-authorization hold and final charge aren't combined into one single transaction. Should you choose to use your debit card or any card linked to your checking account, the amount of your purchase will be charged to your account immediately. The funds reserved for your order may be held by the bank, even though the transaction has not been finalized. The actual length of the hold is determined by your bank and is outside of Wildly Untamed control. However, most holds are released within 2-3- business days (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). Since debit cards are linked to cash accounts, changes or adjustments to your order can result in multiple pending transactions on your account. We do not assume responsibility for loss or inconvenience due to held funds.

Why am I seeing a charge on my card even though my order did not go through?
Though your order wasn't placed, you may see a hold (pending charge) on your credit/debit account. When placing online orders, if the information provided during checkout doesn't match the information on the credit/debit card being used, then the order may not be processed. Your bank may hold the funds as unavailable until the authorization expires. (This hold will typically be released in 48-72 business hours (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). These funds will not be available during that time. Please contact your bank if you have any further questions.

Why is the price listed on my statement, different than the price on my order confirmation?
All orders are placed in US Dollars as we are an American company. If you see a discrepancy between the total you received at check out, or on your order confirmation it is most likely due to a currency exchange rate and transaction fees your bank charges. Please contact your bank for further details.

T-Shirts are American or Asian size?

All officially licensed t-shirts are US size and made in USA.

Some of the bands t-shirts are Asian Size, that is smaller than US/Europe size.

For make sure you order the right size, we will always provide this information on the product description or provide in the pictures a sizing guide from the supplier. 

If you have any doubt about which size is right for you just ask us and we will be happy to help.